I'm a Full-Stack developer...

I'm a passionate Full-Stack Developer, with most of my knowledge being from back-end.

I like to work in a team where I can learn from colleagues and help them when necessary.

I am most experienced in the field of Javascript and PHP, further I have experience in Node.js, D3.js, Grunt, Gulp, MongoDB and MySQL. I also have experience in the frameworks: Laravel, AngularJS and Vue.js.

I am a fan of Scrum/Agile, It keeps me focused and I always know where my colleagues are working on.

In my free time I generally play games, visit friends or improve my skills.

My skillset

Things I worked on

used languages: HTML, SASS, JS, Vue.js, PHP, Laravel
used languages: HTML, SASS, JS, Wordpress
used languages: HTML, SASS, JS, Wordpress, Vagrant, Grunt
used languages: HTML, SASS, AngularJS, D3.JS, grunt